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Passion Caterers, Ayrshire - passionate about good food

Does working with a winner of the 'Catering Chef of the Year' give you confidence?   Or maybe the prestige of having cooked for the Queen will provide the reasurance you require!

We can prepare a box for you to finish at home, cook for you at a location of your choice, or cook for you in the Marquee at Boswell Estate.  Why not have a look at what we can do and, when inspired, contact us!

  Catering Chef of the Year 2018


What I like most about Steven Adair's style of cooking is his simplicity. I've eaten his food many times and what sticks in my mind is his deft handling and sensitivity to the ingredients he uses. There are no gimmicks, fancy foams or oddball additives; at heart, he is a traditionalist with a twist.

Lea Harris, Principal Food Judge, Scottish Hotel Awards