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passionate about good food


What is your favourite food story? Do you have an 'Aunt Jenny' who is the most awful cook, or is your Gran the only person who can cook your favourite dish to perfection?  Food is such a big part of everyone's life and at a party it is a major part of the story everyone will talk about after the event.

No one wants to be remembered as Aunty Jenny (even though, I am sure, she is lovely)!  Instead you will be looking for the story with the Happy Ending!  In which case you are probably looking at our site searching for reassurance that we will have your guests still discussing the wonderful food long after your party is over!  Working with a supplier you can trust and rely upon is important.  Passion Caterers has over 30 years of experience in the catering field, and has cooked for everyone from the Queen through to a farmyard Bride complete with cows!  You can rely upon us for clear guidance and we are very good at what we do - but don't just take our word for it - look at our awards and testimonials!

You will find on our website not only some sample menus and prices but some useful tips and hints which we hope will answer many of your questions and may even help with the planning of your event (it includes items like the geographical area we cover and minimum spend).  Once you have read this information - and we hope by now your mouth is watering - you may wish to check our availability! Simply head to our contact page and complete the form, or alternatively give us a call!  

We look forward to hearing from you!


Catering Chef of the Year 2018




What I like most about Steven Adair's style of cooking is his simplicity. I've eaten his food many times and what sticks in my mind is his deft handling and sensitivity to the ingredients he uses. Flavours shine through and Adair is true to his roots, using local and seasonal produce. There are no gimmicks, fancy foams or oddball additives; at heart, he is a traditionalist with a twist.

Lea Harris, Principal Food Judge, Scottish Hotel Awards