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Passion Caterers, Scotland - passionate about good food

passionate about good food

Award winning Passion Caterers, based in Ayrshire, specialise in outside catering including corporate events and parties in the west of Scotland.  

We have a passion for locally sourced ingredients, lovingly prepared and tasting consistently good.  Just take a look at our testmonials at the bottom of each page to see how our clients feel about us!   Food is our passion. Consistency is a watchword. Good quality, locally sourced ingredients a necessity. Quite simply, good food, cooked well but with an imaginative twist that will have your guests talking about it long after the event.

Why are we different? Because our team - inspired by our Executive Chef, Steven Adair who, over the last 30 years has worked in many of the top Hotels and Restaurants in Scotland, winning awards and cooking for the Queen along the way - pays attention to the detail.  

Whether we are catering for a corporate event, or making your party extra special, we listen to and work with you on making future memories - that is why you will find a limited sample menu on this site just to show a little of what we can do- however we know through long experience that every event is different and if you can tell us what you are looking for we make up a menu as individual as you are.

Join us, Passion Caterers, in being passionate about good food.




What I like most about Steven Adair's style of cooking is his simplicity. I've eaten his food many times and what sticks in my mind is his deft handling and sensitivity to the ingredients he uses. Flavours shine through and Adair is true to his roots, using local and seasonal produce. There are no gimmicks, fancy foams or oddball additives; at heart, he is a traditionalist with a twist.

Lea Harris, Principal Food Judge, Scottish Hotel Awards